We don't currently have a litter of puppies but will be expecting puppies later this year.  We do have one

female puppy available from the litter listed on this page.  Take a look at our last litter and enjoy! If you think you might be interested in an Big Bang Akita please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire. 

The Sire:

Ch. CAS Cornerstone At London


Core is an amazing sire passing along type, soundness and his incredible temperament. 


One of the things we love most about Core is his innate ability to just "know" when has a job to do in protecting his home and family and when he is to just be a goofball. He truly is special in this regard.

We believe that this litter may be some of his very best to date.  

The Dam:


Ch. Big Bang-CAS Don't Be Jealous Of My Boogie


This is Envy's first litter and she has been amazing. It's a beautiful thing to see a mother tend to her puppies with the sincerity and grace that she does. Envy finished her championship in short order and is a remarkle housedog here at Big Bang. 


We are very excited about this first litter of puppies that she has presented us with.  


The Pedigree:


The pedigree of these puppies is comprised of many of our favorite dogs. It's no wonder that we think these puppies are exceptionally beautiful.

The Puppies

updated 9.6.18

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The Puppies At 5 Weeks Old

updated 9.7.18


The Puppies At 7 Weeks Old

updated 9.24.18


First Day At The Beach!

(9 weeks old)